Scoutlog (Unlock)

Scoutlog (Unlock)

Scoutlog (Unlock)

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ScoutLog allows you to save places, along with photos and notes, to your Android devices. Useful for location scouting, managing real estate properties, favorite spots, and a lot more!

Note: This is not a standalone app; it unlocks the ScoutLog app, located here:


• Save a place with a title, notes, tags, and photos
• View your saved places in a list or grid, or as map markers
• Set a color or custom icon for a place's map marker
• Search your saved places by text or tags
• Sync your saved places across any number of Android devices using a Google Drive account
• Import waypoints from GPX files, or starred places from Google Maps
• Export your saved places to a GPX or CSV file
• Widget for quickly adding a new place
• Light and dark themes

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